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Product Information

Warranty Information

What kind of warranty is provided with the purchase of your flutes?

We provide warranty service through our distributors. Click here to contact Altus local distributors for warranty service.

How can I access customer support and services if I encounter any issues with my flute?

For repair or adjustment services, we provide services through our authorized Altus distributors or dealers. Please feel free to contact the shop where you purchased the instrument.

Where to buy

Do you offer international shipping, and what are the associated costs and delivery times?

We only sell through the distributors. Click here to find out our global locations.

Artist Sponsorships

How to become an Azumi Ambassador?

We would love to cooperate with talents throughout the world. Our local distributors support us in discovering, cooperating and planning events with flutists. Please contact your local Azumi partners for more detail on the Azumi Ambassador Policy and pitch your cooperation proposal.